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Parts Availability for Defunct AHUs

Have you a problem with an aging air handling unit (AHU), or just want to keep your end-of-life AHU running for a few more years? AirCraft Air Handling might just be able to help. An old, even plus 35-years-old, AHU may still work, but it is more likely to breakdown and require new parts. These parts might not be available from the original manufacturer, either because they no longer produce parts for that AHU, or the manufacturer themselves are no longer in business. It is possible that you may also not be able to see the manufacturer’s markings anymore. So, an easy way to establish if we can help is to use your phone to photograph the failing part. Simply send the image to us by [...]

Vertical AHU for a Medical Clean Room

Air Handling Units (AHUs) tend to have their airflow configuration in a horizontal direction, but there are some instances where a vertical AHU is needed instead, depending on the area it will be installed in. This was the case for a medical technology company, located in western UK, who were planning on upgrading their cleanroom ventilation system. AirCraft Air Handling got to work with assisting in the design of a bespoke arrangement for this specific vertical AHU. It needed to function in an unclassified cleanroom, filtering dust and external pollutants out whilst controlling the humidity and temperature of the supply air. The clean room in question also required regulated air pressure for optimum performance. Our design team worked closely with the cleanroom contractor to finalise the [...]

Refurbish or Replace?

Refurbishment Well-designed and manufactured Air Handling Units (AHUs) can have a potential life expectancy of around twenty years when correctly maintained. However, along the way, there are some items that may need replacement due to their usage, typically these could be coils, fans, gas heaters, thermal wheels, and recuperators. In some cases, an AHU will need a supply of hot or chilled water for thermal transfer with the incoming air. In areas of hard water, pipework and coils within the AHU are likely to experience limescale build-up, causing problems, potential damage and reducing their effectiveness. In most cases, all of the above can be dealt with under a refurbishment plan, AirCraft Air Handling have experience in working with our own legacy AHUs and units from other [...]

Fresh Air AHUs

Summer is coming, so now could be the time to think of fresh air in your building. With summer fast approaching, now maybe the time to consider the effectiveness of the ventilation in your building. A well-designed and manufactured Fresh Air, Air Handling Unit (AHU), is one of the most cost-effective ways to bring clean, fresh air into a building. There are many environments where fresh air circulation through open windows is just not an option such as kitchens, restaurants, catering facilities, classrooms, and laboratories to name just a few. In these instances, the ideal solution is to install a Fresh Air AHU, which draws air from outside, filters it to remove dust and contaminates, and heats or cools the supply air. The filtered and conditioned [...]

External Plant Room

Can you just, yes, we can! During a recent project for the manufacture of a large weatherproof bespoke AHU we were asked if we could also help with the manufacturer of an external plant room, the answer was yes. The request was for a 6-meter-long, 3.2-meter-wide and 2.6-meter-tall roof-top weatherproof plant room that would be broken down into flatpack format to enable the components to be transported to the roof via a stairwell and easily assembled on site. It needed to accommodate equipment requiring both water and power supplies. For security purposes we also fitted a heavy duty self-closing door. Although not something we generally get asked for our engineering and manufacturing team quickly started on the construction, completing it in the agreed time frames. We [...]

Season’s Greetings from AirCraft Air Handling

We want to thank our customers and partners for their continued interest and business over 2023, and look forward to the opportunities 2024 will bring. Please note that we will be closed for business from 5 pm on Thursday 21st December 2023 and will reopen on Tuesday 2nd January 2024.

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