Swimming Pools & Spas

Indoor swimming pools and spas can be warm, humid environments that are rife with condensation. Poor air quality in indoor pool facilities can cause breathing problems for swimmers and staff and is often caused not by the chlorine itself but by interactions between chlorine and substances brought into the water by swimmers.

Exterior Swimming pool AHU

Indoor pools often have poor air circulation and require air handling units that increase ventilation and bring fresh air into the environment. The strong chlorine odor that is often detected in indoor swimming pools is not a sign of too much free chlorine in the water, but rather the excess of chloramines in the air. These chemicals can cause eye irritation and breathing issues.

AirCraft have years of experience with the manufacture of air handling units that are designed to work in a high humidity environment. They can protect your facility from the corrosion and degradation that comes from humidity and condensation.

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