Summer is coming, so now could be the time to think of fresh air in your building.

With summer fast approaching, now maybe the time to consider the effectiveness of the ventilation in your building. A well-designed and manufactured Fresh Air, Air Handling Unit (AHU), is one of the most cost-effective ways to bring clean, fresh air into a building.

There are many environments where fresh air circulation through open windows is just not an option such as kitchens, restaurants, catering facilities, classrooms, and laboratories to name just a few. In these instances, the ideal solution is to install a Fresh Air AHU, which draws air from outside, filters it to remove dust and contaminates, and heats or cools the supply air. The filtered and conditioned air supplied by the AHU is then channelled into the enclosed area via either existing or new ducting.

During the summer, a Fresh Air AHU manufactured to include chilled water-cooling coils or a direct expansion cooling source, allows the AHU to supply chilled air when it is most needed.

The AirCraft Air Handling team will happily assist with advice and specifications for entirely new installations, replacements and refurbishments if needed.