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Swimming Pool AHUs

Air handling systems are essential to prevent some of the common issues caused by a lack of effective ventilation. This is important in a space containing an indoor swimming pool or spa. In the case of a swimming pool, a fully operational AHU will circulate the air and replace it with fresh tempered air whilst extracting the humid stale air. The AHU also plays a role in reducing evaporation from the pool, significantly reducing energy consumption and associated costs, by maintaining the ambient air temperature just above the water temperature. Enclosed air will naturally become humid where there is a pool. This humidity is likely to cause problems for the building and its users. The tell-tale signs of inappropriately high levels of moisture in a pool [...]

Benefits of having a Fresh Air AHU

A well-designed and manufactured Fresh Air AHU is one of the most economical ways to serve clean fresh air into a building. A Fresh Air AHU needs to be capable of filtering the air drawn from outside the building, as well as cooling or heating the air as appropriate. To help with this, the team at AirCraft Air Handling can help with advice and specifications when needed, if you or your customer need assistance. The need for fresh air in an enclosed area, typically like that of a catering environment, can be addressed through the installation of the Fresh Air AHU. Fresh Air Units operate by filtering and conditioning air drawn from outside the building. The tempered and filtered fresh air is then ducted into the [...]

Clean Room AHUs

As part of our standard and bespoke range of AHUs, AirCraft Air Handling design and manufacture clean room AHUs for a wide range of environments including health care, scientific, manufacturing and food processing. All of the clean room AHUs we manufacture adhere to ISO 14644 and the various environments the standard relates to. However, in all cases, the one thing in common is the necessity for good-quality air filters. These also have strict ISO standards and classifications covering EPA, HEPA and ULPA filters. Our AHUs can be specified with panel & bag filters, HEPA filters or activated carbon filters. Depending on your requirements, it is possible to have more than one type fitted. Lower-grade filters often protect the higher-grade filters and ensure these do not expire [...]

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