Heat Recovery AHU in Office environment

Amongst the range of AHU products we design and manufacture, AirCraft Air Handling supply Heat Recovery AHUs to replace failing or high-energy consuming units and units for new installations.

The principal benefit of a Heat Recovery AHU is its energy efficiency. The AHU transfers thermal energy from the exhaust air stream into the supply air stream via a heat recovery device. As a result, the AHU recovers cool air in the summer and warm air in the winter. Correctly configured a balanced heat recovery unit will recover upwards of approximately 73% of the thermal energy from the extract air stream.

The Heat Recovery AHU takes advantage of the exhaust air, which is generally warmer than the fresh incoming air used in the process of heat recovery. It can also assist in removing moisture from the building, as the extracted cooler humid air is exhausted out through the ducting and into the atmosphere.

Energy savings are achieved by utilising the heat that would have been lost through the extracted air, thus contributing towards lowering the heating and cooling loads and associated running costs of a building.

In today’s world of higher energy costs and a drive towards Net Zero emissions, choosing a Heat Recovery AHU may help with companies' or authorities' carbon emission objectives.