Swimming pool environment

Air handling systems are essential to prevent some of the common issues caused by a lack of effective ventilation. This is important in a space containing an indoor swimming pool or spa. In the case of a swimming pool, a fully operational AHU will circulate the air and replace it with fresh tempered air whilst extracting the humid stale air. The AHU also plays a role in reducing evaporation from the pool, significantly reducing energy consumption and associated costs, by maintaining the ambient air temperature just above the water temperature.

Enclosed air will naturally become humid where there is a pool. This humidity is likely to cause problems for the building and its users. The tell-tale signs of inappropriately high levels of moisture in a pool environment are noticeable over time. Chemical corrosion, mould and mildew, uncomfortable environments, the smell of chlorine and stinging eyes for users of the space can be the unfortunate consequences. This highlights the importance and value of an AHU designed specifically for a swimming pool.

A swimming pool air handling unit ventilates the space and helps maintain a comfortable environment for users. Less effective methods of ventilation, such as open windows, are not energy-efficient due to heat being lost. AirCraft Air Handling’s units include a high-efficiency heat recovery plate recuperator, to significantly reduce heating costs. The ventilation system may include; LPHW, DX, Electric or Gas heater batteries for top-up heating and can be designed and placed appropriately to work cohesively as part of the ventilation system within the building. Tempered fresh air is supplied by the swimming pool AHU, giving control of the environment and user experience, as well as safeguarding the capital investment of the pool or spa and the building itself.

To ensure the longevity of the equipment in the abrasive atmosphere AirCraft manufacture units with a protective coating. This applies to both the unit surfaces and the internal components.